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Boise Tepanyaki Steak House

If you are looking for a tepanyaki steak house in Boise, ID, try Tepanyaki Japanese Steak House restaurant where our hibachi chefs will serve and entertain you. Tepanyaki is a style of Japanese food in which ingredients including steak, poultry, fish, rice and vegetables are cooked on a very hot iron griddle. This allows the chefs to prepare meals quickly and perform a variety of amusing tricks to delight guests. Diners are seated around the grill to watch their meals as they are cooked and enjoy the show. Our restaurant has a fun, family-friendly atmosphere and is open seven days a week for dinner.
Boise Tepanyaki - Steak house in Boise, ID
Japanese foods - Steak house in Boise, ID

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While tepanyaki was started in Japan, it has been a popular style of Japanese cuisine in the United State for decades. If you haven’t tried it, visit us to see what you have been missing out on. Our vast selection of menu choices will ensure you find something to please your palate.